Staff Development
To have a quality workforce, the NBC focused on building staff capacity since its inception until now. Capacity building has been conducted in the form of in-house training and overseas collaborative programs. The in-house training programs have been developed and designed to focus on specific issues related to banking supervision, payment systems, leadership, accounting and other central banking topics. Training is conducted in a classroom environment with a focus on job training, coaching, and mentoring for both technical and soft skills. Currently, we have introduced an e-learning course in collaboration with the Financial Stability Institute (FSI) to strengthen the technical skills of NBC staff on banking supervision, financial stability and other central banking subjects.

Overseas collaborative training programs have been conducted as short term and long term programs. The short term training programs in done in collaboration with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Southeast Asian Central Banks Center (SEACEN) and other central banks. Long term training programs are offered by development partners (AUSAID, NZAID, JAPAN, IMF and others) to enable NBC staff to pursue higher education degrees (Bachelor's, Master's, and PhDs). The NBC management selects employees based on qualifications and high performance.