Careers at the NBC
Cambodia's banking and financial sector has grown remarkably over the last few decades which have helped to contribute to the nation's robust economic growth. The National Bank of Cambodia have played an important role throughout the various stages of Cambodia's economic development; from helping to rebuild the country's economic foundation after its near destruction during the Khmer Rouge regime; through managing the transition from a planned economy to a market economy, to now building a modern and sophisticated banking and financial system for the nation. These milestones could not have been reached without the hard work, dedication, and commitment of NBC staff over the years.

As Cambodia enters a new phase of development with the goal of reaching middle income status in the next few decades, the NBC will play a vital role in helping to reach that target. As such, it is imperative that the NBC recruit smart, dynamic and talented new staff with fresh ideas and innovative approaches, while at the same time investing in our current staff with the knowledge, tools and best practices of international banking and finance. These tools combined will help Cambodia to not only compete in the global economy but become a leader.

If you have a drive for excellence, are interested in a challenging and rewarding career in banking and finance, and want to contribute to the nation's economic development, then consider a career at the National Bank of Cambodia. Review this section to learn about working at the NBC, our staff data, how we invest in our staff and current vacancies.