Once the CTR and STR reports have been prepared in the XML format as specified in the Reporting Guideline, the following software described on this page can be used to implement the OpenPGP protocol to ensure data integrity and confidentiality during electronic transmission via E-mail. There are two options on which tool to implement. One is a no-cost open source product named GnuPG and the other is a low-cost commercial product named Symantec PGP Desktop Email.

No-cost open source product

  GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) is the OpenPGP implementation of the GNU project. GnuPG is used as the standard encryption and signing tool which is freely available for GNU/Linux, nearly all other Unix systems, Microsoft Windows systems and a few other operating systems. GnuPG is Free Software, which anyone can encrypt e-mails securely, easily and at no cost. GnuPG can be used privately or commercially without any restrictions.

The encryption technology used by GnuPG is secure, and cannot be broken based on today's state of technology and research. GnuPG encryption software, as well as several applications and documents are included in Gpg4win which is an installation package for Windows (2000/XP/2003/Vista) with computer programs and handbooks for e-mail and file encryption. For more information about GnuPG, please visit its official website:

To send a secure email to CAFIU, Microsoft Outlook 2007 is recommended to use as a mail client. How to configure Gpg4win with Microsoft Outlook 2007 is described in its user guide file.

Low-cost commercial product

  Symantec PGP Desktop Email is email encryption software that automatically encrypts email as it is received and sent on desktops and/or laptops, without affecting the end-user email experience. PGP Desktop Email operates as a proxy, supports the two global email encryption standards, OpenPGP and S/MIME and automatically discovers keys and certificates as required.

You can find and purchase the commercial version of PGP Desktop Email from its official website: or just try with its trial version from here:

Microsoft Outlook 2007 is recommended to use as a mail client for sending secure email to CAFIU. The known working configurations of Microsoft Outlook 2007 and Symantec PGP Desktop are explained in its user guide file.

XML Validation Software

The Java program below is provided for the purpose of validating CTR/STR XML files against the appropriate XML Schema prior to submission to CAFIU. Please download and expand the zipped file. Read the “readme.txt” file for instructions. You can use this as a stand-alone program from the command line, or you can integrate the java code into your own data extraction program.
Validation Program

The open source program found at the link below also validates XML files against an XML Schema and has been compiled for a Windows environment and contains a graphical user interface. This program is a third-party program and CAFIU makes no representations as to its adequacy or security—use at your own risk:

For more questions, please go to FAQ section of CAFIU website.